Working Capital

Working Capital

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The Need of Working Capital Funding

Working capital is like the blood that flows through a business, keeping it alive and promoting growth and its development. It’s definitely the most important financial metrics to maintain the health of a businesses. Precisely, working capital provides with short-term financial reserves that a business needs to quickly respond to financial stress as well as to take advantage of opportunities for business growth. Working capital ruins a financial downturn of a business and boosts its ability to grow.

Influence of Working Capital in Businesses

Working capital is a basically a daily necessity of businesses as it covers various unexpected costs that are required to make routine payments, purchase basic materials used for production and various other business needs.

Working capital is a widespread metric for liquidity, efficiency and maintaining a basic health of any business. Basically, it’s a reflection of any business’s activity that includes inventory management, debt management, and payments to suppliers. This is because it includes cash, accounts payable, receivable, inventory, portions of debt due within the period of a year and other short-term accounts.

The need for working capital varies from business to business as each of it includes several factors such as accounts receivables and payment policies. Having a secure working capital is like a safe buffer zone for businesses cash flow in case of emergency situations. Even though a business is positive in terms of assets and profitability, emergency situations are never predetermined. Business Building Solutions understands such future business prospects and strive hard to provide our clients with the best business solution.

Why Business Building Solutions?

Working capital is one of the most important financial aspects of any business representing the amount of operating liquidity available with the company. This capital is as important as fixed assets of any company. In the current economic times maintaining a business with working capital has become more difficult than ever. Analyzing this scenario we at Business Building Solutions are offering financially advance solutions to make your business a success.

We at Business Building Solutions do not loan money to our clients instead we offer them a financial advance against their estimated future credit card receivable sales. Qualifying for financial credits with us is quite easy as compared to banks or traditional financial institutions. Almost all our clients can qualify from thousands of dollars to million plus dollars that can be used to upgrade business success in terms of investing by hiring employees for business efficiency, expanding business, and renovating business place or just about anything for business to grow.

Working Capital with Business Building Solutions

We at Business Building Solutions, deposit the working capital fund directly into our clients business account within just a few days of its approval. Applicants with us are eligible to receive from thousand to over 2 million dollars of finances and are given the flexibility to pay us back as long as they want. We are paid back only when our clients make a credit card sale, allowing them to keep all the cash and cheque with themselves for their business growth.

What we do is we deduct a tiny fraction or percentage of each debit and credit card sale until the working capital funds are paid back. Basically, a small percentage is deducted daily from our client’s credit card receipts so that they are able to pay us money only when they have it.

We at Business Building Solutions believe that our client’s business success is tied to ours. Our working capital financing solutions are based only on our client’s monthly credit card receivable intake which is the fairest financial help as compared to any banks and other traditional financing institutions. With Business Building Solutions our clients do not have to worry about being penalized for paying late, paying early, or any fluctuating business loan interest rates.

Business Building Solutions constantly strive to eliminate the future business risks of our entire base of clientele by providing business solutions that put their business on success tracks. Our large base of happy and satisfied clientele make us the best business solution providers in the industry. If you are someone looking for such flexible working capital to expand your business growth contact us now and be in charge of your own business working capital.

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