Small Business Financing

Small Business Financing

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Funding’s With Flexible Returns on Your Business

As its names say it all ‘Business Building Solutions’ is a complete financing solution you are looking for your business. We provide you with the best financing solution for small businesses.

Whatever your financing needs are right from:

  • Investing in marketing and advertising,
  • Renovating your present business location,
  • Need to upgrade current hardware or technology update,
  • Investing in new equipment or machinery,
  • Investment to buy more stock or new inventory,
  • Investing in hiring new employees for business growth and efficiency
  • Money to pay off existing business loans,

Whatever your financing need is to kick-start your business growth we got you covered!!

Financing Small Businesses for People with Low Credit Availability.

Financing unsecured small businesses is our main motto at Business Building Solutions. We constantly striving to provide the best services to our customers, and we’ve been doing it successfully for many years now with hundreds of wildly ecstatic customer base.

Our advanced schemes for unsecured small business allows our customers to receive up to 2.5 million dollars, depending upon the contingent of their business finance application approval without any collateral or assets to put up such as personal guarantees, or UCC filings/credit rating.

Once our customers get an approval upon the proposal, they receive business capital directly into their business bank account within days. The greatest benefit we provide our customers is that they can take almost as long as they want to pay us back. We only charge our customers with a minimal percentage from each of their credit card sales, allowing them to keep checks or cash completely for their business growth and advancement.

Procedure of Our Small Business Financing Services

We at Business Building Solutions trust in lending a helping hand to people with bad credit in the form of small business financing with the aim of watching their business succeed. We believe that our customer’s prosperity is tied directly to our prosperity and this is what we consider it as a payback.

Our customers are allowed to “Pay as they go” with business cash flow that they actually have. This payback can be in any form of credit card or debit card sales. With such flexibility and no pressure for payback, we strive to push our customers into making a steady and slow progress. Whereas at the time of disbursement on small business financing, the amount is simply determined by the leveraged off of our customers’ existing monthly debit card and credit card receivables intake.

So take leverage of such flexibility and contact us today to see which small business finance program will benefit your business, all these while making your business a success.

The major drawback of getting finances/loan from traditional companies is that they often can be very predatory, especially for small businesses with very little history. With Business Building Solutions there are basically no late fees for small business advances.

We at Business Building Solutions do not lend business funds, we simply advance our customers with business capital against estimated future earnings which are paid back in the form of small percentage increments via every credit card or debit card sale.

Our forte is to provide finances to small and medium-sized businesses and deliver them with platform so they can succeed in the market. If you are looking for one such opportunity to give a boost start to your business with finances then contact us today and get an amazing flexible small business finance program to see your business succeed.

Banks and other business finance lending organizations tend to charge outrageous business loan rates with all sorts of strict terms that are to be followed. Switching to Business Building Solutions will allow you to be in charge of your business advance program with our exclusive small business financing services.

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